Thank you all for your interest in our study. As of July 31, 2017 we are no longer enrolling participants in our study.


Are you a female social drinker, 21-30 years old and interested in dating men?


Project FRESH is looking for women of ALL ETHNICITIES to participate in a study on dating experiences with men.


Project FRESH is a federally funded study on alcohol and dating experiences between men and women. The research is being conducted by Professor William H. George of the Department of Psychology and Research Associate Professor Kelly Cue Davis of the School of Social Work at the University of Washington.


EARN UP TO $320! The study includes participating in an online baseline survey, a 32 day daily diary assessment, and one visit to our lab at the University of Washington.


The baseline survey can be taken on any computer with internet access and must be completed before you can begin the daily diary assessments. Following the completion of your baseline survey, you will be sent a link to a short daily diary assessment each day for 32 days. The daily diary assessment is designed so that you can take it on any computer or mobile device (including your smartphone) that has internet access.


The baseline survey should take about 45 minutes to complete and the daily diary assessments should take between 5 and 10 minutes each. The baseline survey and daily diary assessments include a variety of questions about your behaviors and attitudes and cover some sensitive topics like sex, trauma history, and alcohol consumption.


During your study visit you will be in a private room, by yourself, and will interact only with female research assistants trained to guide you through the experiment. During your visit, you will complete additional questionnaires, drink a beverage that has a 50/50 chance of containing alcohol, and read and respond to a story about a dating situation that might happen to a woman your age.


You will be paid $20 for the baseline survey and $5 per day for each of the daily diary assessments that you complete before the study visit. In addition, you will receive a $20 bonus if you complete at least 24 of the 32 surveys, but only if you also come into the lab for the final study visit. When you come in for your final study visit, you will be paid an additional $15 per hour for the time you spend in our lab (up to 8 hours), with a guaranteed minimum payment of $50 for the lab visit, even if you are only in the lab 3 hours or less. This means that you could be compensated as much as $320 for completing the entire study. We will write you a check at the end of your study visit and we will provide bus tickets for transportation.


Part of the Study

Estimated amount of time


Total Compensation

Baseline Survey

45 minutes



Daily Diary Assessment

every day for 32 days

5 10 minutes each,
every day for 32 days

$5 each


BONUS: Complete at least 24 out of 32 days and complete in-lab visit


In-lab study visit

3 8 hours

$15 per hour (guaranteed minimum $50)

$50 - $120



If you want to be part of Project FRESH, please call us at (206) 543-5536 to find out more and see if you are eligible!







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